Man Knows What Men Like, Whodathunkit?

Saw this on my tag surfer, and it’s one of the few blogs I’ve seen that appears to actually understand men.  So, of course, it’s from the point of view of a gay man.  Men know what men want.  Check it out, pretty accurate.  I only found one real problem with it:

Men have to prove they’re men.  I don’t get this one, but guys (especially straight one’s) need to shoot, jump, or sex to define their manliness.  Doubly true if a member of the dating sex is present. This is because men are secretly insecure–but don’t tell them I said that!

It actually has nothing to do with insecurity.  What it has to do with is the way our species reproduces.  Virtually all women who reach reproductive age will have children.  Historically, for men the number is closer to half.  Why?  Because more desirable men will have children with multiple partners, while the least desirable men reproduce with none.

In caveman days the alpha male would just have multiple mates.  Mating with the tribe leader gave your kids a better future than mating with the tribe runt.  Same carried on into medieval times.  So what if your kid only gets 1% of the king’s wealth?  That’s more money than 100% of a peasant’s wealth, so it’s better to be deep in the king’s bullpen than first in the heart of a poopsmith; it’s not greed, it’s that money and survival went hand in hand, especially over multiple generations.

In the modern era things are a bit better.  Splitting a mogul 10 ways might not be better than splitting an accountant 1 way.  You get less money, but the accountant can provide enough to pay for a good home and maybe even a private college or grad school, things far out of the reach of the medieval peasant.  Plus, any gaps in opportunities can be made up by having a second parent active in the kid’s upbringing.  In medieval times the second parent was still better, but not enough to breach the massive income gap.

But one thing has lingered…there’s still a big disaparity between women who have kids and men who have kids.  More women are still having kids than men.  Up until the modern era, it’s been harems.  But now, in the West at least, we’re dominated by monogamy, so it should be a 1-to-1 ratio, right?  Wrong.  We’ve just moved from multiple wives to serial monogamy.  Wealthy men tend to have a series of wives, one after another, instead of many at once.  Many of those women, after having kids with the rich guy, never have kids with anyone else.  So, there are still far more women having kids than men.

What does this have to do with men proving that they’re men?  It’s all genetic.  If you outshine the competition, you will have children with multiple women and your DNA will continue on forever.  If you’re in the middle of the pack you’ll find one woman, and your DNA will stand a fair chance at survival.  But, if you’re in the bottom quarter, you will mate with no one and your genetic line will die.

Men without the competitive spirit were bred out long ago.  We are largely the descendants of men who banged a lot of women, and so we have that running through out veins.  This is why we are not just competitive, but more competitive when women are present.


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