Reason Not to Go to Law School #897,999

Saw this on Legally Fabulous and just had to share; it’s her Reason #897,999 not to go to law school:

because when you graduate, take the bar, pass the bar, and are STILL unemployed the following January, your ridiculous parents are going to make you run ridiculous errands.
This is exactly what happened to a friend of mine. Although he graduated in May of 09, has passed the bar, and is eagerly awaiting employment, none has come his way just yet. So yesterday, when I received an e-mail titled “Why did I have to drive to St. Louis today?”, I knew it was going to be a good one.
You see, THIS is why he had to drive to St. Louis:

His dad (pictured) collects M&M figurines. He found the elusive blue man on ebay in St. Louis, the missing piece to complete his collection. It would cost $500+ to ship, but when you have an unemployed son, why not make him drive the TEN HOURS round trip to St. Louis to pick it up?!

No, I’m not joking about any of this. I was DYING laughing when I got the e-mail. Dying.
The m&m man is now proudly displayed amongst his red, yellow, green, and blue brethren in their garage. I have requested a picture of them all together. Will post it as soon as I receive it.
Oh, and for those of you thinking about going to law school? YES, it really is that difficult to get a job. Don’t go.

I haven’t been back living with my parents for something this bad, but I know it’s coming.


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