Breaking: Hot Woman is Real!

The February issue of Marie Claire is featuring Miss Universe winner Jennifer Hawkins nude and unretouched.  So of course, the people campaigning for more realistic images of feminine beauty in the media are thrilled about this, right?


The magazine is already drawing fire for featuring a woman who is naturally beautiful.  What the hell?

Despite the images having no touch-ups, they’re still being called unrealistic, unattainable and not representing “real” women.

It’s realistic because it’s a photo of what someone actually looks like.  It’s attainable because it’s actually been attained.  And, Jennifer Hawkins is a real woman.  People have seen her.  She actually exists.  She is not the easter bunny or the tooth fairy.  Though, if she were the tooth fairy, I’d be outside a soup kitchen right now offering the homeless Thunderbird in exchange for the teeth they’ll probably never use again.

Being fat does not make a woman more real, it just makes her occupy more space.  Beautiful women exist and you can’t argue someone into thinking they’re not sexy, or that fat women are equally sexy.  It’s not a matter of reason or logic, it’s a matter of biological instinct.  Get over it, get to a gym, and get fit.


One Response to “Breaking: Hot Woman is Real!”

  1. Beautiful women do exist. If only you’d mentioned one in this article.

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