Frozen in Place

No late night msichief this weekend it seems.  My parents live outside of the city and it normally takes about 20 minutes to drive to the bars downtown, but Anthropomorphic Global Climate Change hit this Thursday, and while virtually every road is open, one little section of highway remains shut…the stretch that connects my parents’ house to the city.  It’ still possible to get in through a detour, but it’s not one I where I want to be driving late at night with the windows fogged and whiskey-double-vision.

You’d think with only a few miles of road shut down the city could figure out a way to get it back open.  But I guess not, it’s like living in a third world country.  …Except that third world countries are generally close to the equator and stay warm all year round.  So, it’d be like living in a third world country if third world countries got cold.  It’s like a worse third world.

America, fuck yeah.


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