Unemployment Means I Won’t Do Your Job For You

Despite getting laid off, moving to a state where I can’t yet practice law, and not having anything remotely resembling a legal job (or a job at all), I still get former coworkers and people I know who work at other firms asking me legal questions.  “How do I dissolve a non-profit in XYZ jurisdiction?”  “Do you think PQR Statute means blah blah blah?”  “What should I do about this partner who’s asking me to find some case that doesn’t seem to exist?”

Well, from here on out, I’m not helping anyone employed in a legal job with their work unless they’re willing to pay me for it.  I used to help my coworkers quite a bit (and of course, I don’t get any credit in the final product, so other people appear smarter and more productive, which might have spared them from layoffs and put me on the chopping block, but damnit, it helps the client, and so it’s the right thing to do), but now, no more!

It’s not like I just realized I shouldn’t be doing this, but it’s been an act of habit for a while, so I start giving people advice before it even occurs to me not to.  From here on out though I’m going to work on making a conscious effort to tell these people to piss off and do their own damn jobs.  I am not a charity, and if you can’t do the work, get out of the way and let me collect your pay check.


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