Six Differences

From the comic Pearls Before Swine by (fellow former lawyer) Stephan Pastis:

Can you find at least 6 differences between these panels?

Highlight the area below for the answers:

1) First panel labeled “PANEL 1.” Second panel labeled “PANEL 2”; 2) In Panel 1, Rat feels an internal urge to punch Pig.  In Panel 2, urge is diminished; 3) Panel 2 is below Panel 1; 4) There is a flying toaster in Panel 2; 5 and 6) There are no fifth and sixth differences.  The question asked was, “Can you find at least 6 differences?”  The answer was no.

If it didn’t immediately occur to you that this was a yes/no question, you’re going to fail your law school exams because you’re incapable of answering the questions that are asked and nuanced reading comprehension.  If you realized it was a yes/no question and answered it as such, you’re going to make a terrible lawyer, because you’re insufferably literal.


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