Reason Not to Go to Law School #15

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1L Summer Jobs.

2L summer jobs are pretty much what all of law school revolves around, but few people pay much attention to the job you have after your first year of school.  Unless you’re very well connected, you’re not going to be working at a law firm.  You can’t rely on phenomenal grades to get these positions, because you won’t have any until February, and at that time law firms have been done with their summer hiring for months.

Most people end up getting jobs in one of three areas, public interest, research assistant for a professor, or not doing law at all.  I’m going to focus on the second, being an RA.

The work of an RA is tedious and dull, and you’ll receive very little guidance or wisdom from your professor.  Your professor is not a practitioner, but an academic, and as such has probably not practiced law in the last 20 years, if ever.  You will gain no useful knowledge or experience to prepare you for your for-profit sector work later on.

But even worse than having a summer job that results in no useful experience is the pay.

According to NYU’s Student Expense Budget for 2009-2010, you will need $20,914 for room and board the 9 months that you are in school, or about $2323 a month.  RA jobs there pay $12.50/hr, and professors can only hire you for no more than 35 hours a week (7 hours a day, 5 days a week).  So, one day of work gets you $87.50, and there are on average about 22 working days in a month, so you’ll be earning on average $1925 a month (before taxes), or about 20% less than what the school thinks you need.  Who the hell did the math on that one?

There is exactly one reason why the school can manage to pay so little and still get a pretty big number of students signing up for the jobs.  1L summer job prospects are just that lousy, even for students at the best schools.  Just imagine how shitty it’ll be if you go anywhere ranked worse.



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Yesterday posted a link to Reason Not to Go to Law School #13 on their daily Non-Sequiturs.  An anonymous ATL commenter had this to say:

“Yet another wonderful reason not to go to law school:

There’s less chance you’ll wind up like Elie if you don’t”

Harvard Law Grad who’s job is to chase down industry gossip and edit a blog?  Elie Mystal has a pretty sweet job, I’d say.  Doubtful he makes close to even the salary of a first year associate, but his job probably affords him more power within the legal industry than most non-equity partners, and the ATL Editor in Chief chair comes with a good amount of prestige too.

Or, at least it did while David Lat sat in.

Anyways, thanks, ATL!  That link generated thousands of hits and propelled Reason #13 to 94th most popular WordPress blog entry for the day.

Reason Not to Go to Law School #14

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Eggshell Sensitivities.

Lawyers and law students are touchy on anything remotely politically incorrect.  This is especially true for the lawyers who have vaginas, or the ones with penises who think being all sensitive will earn them the love of the ones with vaginas.

As reported on, New York State Bar Association Committee on Women in the Law is having their annual meeting soon, and one of the panals has got a whole lot of panties into bundles.

That’s right, the Committee on Women in the Law is having a panal to give a male perspective, and the women are pissed:

“I thought it was a joke until I went to the website myself. One female partner I showed it to is hoping that the NYSBA website was hacked and this still is a joke. She couldn’t believe it came from there.”

“[E]very female attorney I know that has seen this — partners to associates — is outraged. The first reaction is this is a joke. Then next is what year is this from. And the last is shocked and appalled. Most people don’t know where to start.”

And Pace Law professor Bridget Crawford is even calling for a boycott:

“I call for all members of the NYSBA to boycott this panel discussion. Yes, the speakers have a right to speak, but we don’t have to go and listen. Men have been telling us FOR YEARS how we don’t measure up. To have a panel of men, endorsed by the New York State Bar Association, discussing our “strengths and weaknesses,” is a regression and an insult to all women in the legal profession.”

But, David Lat provides a very good reason to hold this panel:

“But maybe you still need some advice for navigating the mean, cutthroat, male-dominated world of the legal profession. Ideally these tips should come from, you know…. MEN.”

Given that a huge part of being a female attorney means interacting with male attorneys, wouldn’t it be incredibly useful to know how those male attorneys perceive their female coworkers?  But no, I guess men aren’t allowed to know anything about women or offer women any sort of advice.

Keep that in mind the next time you complain about men not understanding women.  Maybe we do, but we pretend to know nothing about women so that you won’t jump down our throats for having the audacity to think we might have learned something about the other half of the population that we interact with every single day of our lives.

wogga wogga wogga wogga wogga

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This is just a small flavor of the huge amounts of free time unemployed people have.

First Hometown Shenanigans

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I’ve only been living back with my parents for a few weeks, but I’m already aching for some hometown shenanigans.  Turns out I got started and didn’t even know it.

Last Tuesday I went out to what I suppose is becoming my regular bar in this town to celebrate the oft’ overlooked holiday of Twelfth Night.  For those of you who aren’t aware, Christmas starts at sundown on Christmas day (despite the early morning rituals of shredding paper and being disappointed); the following twelve days are the twelve days of Christmas, the time between Jesus’ birth and the Epiphany, when the wise men came.  (Somewhere in the middle the shepherds show up and someone cuts off a piece of Christ’s dick.)

So anyways, I was out celebrating Twelfth Night and I met a girl.  She was cute, but in the “I wouldn’t want a long term relationship with you, but will totally fuck you silly until I figure a way out of this town” way.  Long story short (and it has to be because I can’t remember much), I had a few too many to drink and woke up the next morning thinking it would have been smart to get her number.  D’oh!

Fast forward to last night.  I go out again to the same bar and whaddayaknow, she’s there.  She comes over and says hi and is all friendly and such.  After having he remind me of her name, I tell her I felt stupid for leaving last time without getting her number.

And she tells me that she gave me her number.  I look in my phone and yeup, there it is.  I try not to make a habit out of getting girl’s phone numbers and thinking I hadn’t, but who knows, it could be fun.  Also, ladies, maybe this is why that guy never called you, he didn’t know he had your number.  Sure beats thinking he didn’t call because you’re ugly.

Then, she tells me that at some point during our first encounter, she was talking to someone else, and I guess I was feeling neglected, so to get her attention I grabbed her hand and sucked two of her fingers.

Well, you learn something new everyday.

I iz in ur cort

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Defendant was a rat, so i eated it.  Guilty an delishuss.

[Boston cat called for jury duty.]

Six Differences

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From the comic Pearls Before Swine by (fellow former lawyer) Stephan Pastis:

Can you find at least 6 differences between these panels?

Highlight the area below for the answers:

1) First panel labeled “PANEL 1.” Second panel labeled “PANEL 2”; 2) In Panel 1, Rat feels an internal urge to punch Pig.  In Panel 2, urge is diminished; 3) Panel 2 is below Panel 1; 4) There is a flying toaster in Panel 2; 5 and 6) There are no fifth and sixth differences.  The question asked was, “Can you find at least 6 differences?”  The answer was no.

If it didn’t immediately occur to you that this was a yes/no question, you’re going to fail your law school exams because you’re incapable of answering the questions that are asked and nuanced reading comprehension.  If you realized it was a yes/no question and answered it as such, you’re going to make a terrible lawyer, because you’re insufferably literal.